Place cards

Today I had I worked on some place cards for a friend that is having a bridal shower. I thought I would do summer flowers... it was fun to do.. I was glad I was inside..outside was really hot and humid...

I invited myself over to my daughters... told her I would plant her rose bush... she was delighted..When I got there, I found a shelf full of gorgeous homemade jellies and jam.. it was such lovely colors... I had to take a few pictures... I even got to try the mint jelly , which is the green one :)

While out in the yard I had to take a picture of the sunflower blooming in the was just perfect... I think their leaves and flower heads are just wonderful ... I love to paint them.

We got the rose bush planted and snug in the ground... and I went home with a huge bag of Zucchini... it's that time of year when you just have too much Zucchini..

Thanks Heather... the meal was great, and the company always a terrific treat ... you are truly a Prov. 31 woman!!!


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