Piping Plover again

Working on my painting of the Piping Plover... I just love this little bird that makes a depression in the sand and lays it's eggs... actually the male makes the nest and decorates it for his mate.She then picks out the best nest...:).. love it
In all the photos I have seen , each nest is different... so they have very creative plovers out there.... some use shells..others use seaweed... and others use just debris of all kinds..
They have no other protection..just out in the open.. no wonder they are on the endangered species list...


Nancy Mac said…
Hi Laura, I came upon your blog while doing my daily reading on Piping Plovers on the web. Your watercolors are amazing and inspiring. I run a volunteer program at the Jersey Shore and we monitor endangered beach nesting birds...Piping Plovers, Least Terns and species of special concern like American Oyster Catchers. I don;t often see watercolors of Piping Plovers and I just love yours!
I read through your previous blog posts and enjoyed your adventures, photos and your family. I am intrigued by the beauty of your watercolors and can't wait to show my Mom. She is 75 and just started painting 2 years ago. We will enjoy reading your entries and watch as you post new paintings.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful work.

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