Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pond Sketches

Pond Sketches

My Favorite Walk

Just a short walk from where I live is the most wonderful Pond, surrounded by the most gorgeous wild flowers. I love to take a walk in the evening when the light is just right. the Pond is full of surprises each time I go
the ducks are all preening and and relaxing after a long day... the bees and bugs are busy to catch the last sweetness before dark... and sometimes we can catch ratty, the muskrat collecting a lillypad to take back to his den for the night.

The wild flowers are so many and ones I have never seen before...wish I knew the names for you...

I love the clouds in this one... I tried a quick watercolor , will share it the next blog.

I hope you are enjoying the outdoors with lots of fun walks... there is so much to see , the summer is at it's peak... enjoy

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer paintings

These are some watercolors done while on Vacation in Vt.... Painting outside, Plenair painting is lots of fun...and good exercise in lighting.... the flowers were done in studio with natural lighting...
Hope you are painting , or just enjoying the great outdoors.

My Teacher

Here we are in the Winslow studio in Vermont, my Teacher, Karen... who is my beloved sister-in-law. how cool is that? I had personal teaching for 2 weeks.. We are experimenting with gouache and watercolor. It was a fun evening. Sometimes we worked until dark...very late.
Karen is showing me how to use the gouache... she uses colored charcoal paper...

Here we are in CT... we drove down to visit the gallery we both have our paintings in...Sylvan Gallery, Clinton CT. It was a gorgeous evening... we looked for places to paint the next day. OH... I was so lovin the salt water!!!

Here we are painting the marshes... it was much greener..and the sky was so was hard to catch the changed so fast.

This last photo is my mom.... ... she was my first teacher... she was the one that inspired me to pick up the brush and paint the beauty around me..... Thanks Mom!

Beautiful Vermont

I had the Joy of going to Vermont for 2 weeks. the first week I helped out with a dear friends wedding and did the flowers.... it was the most fun...and I will post that another time. Vermont was really green, because they have had lots of rain also... It is an artist's paradise!!!
We took a trip up to the Trapp Family Lodge, a favorite place to spend the afternoon, the views are spectacular.

The horses were getting ready to take a few folks on a slow ride through the meadow... what a way to relax!!

Yes, I painted everyday, inside and out, and I hope to share more on that later... this is my little set up. so easy to carry around in one bag... Near by I could hear the cows...and smell them also... I loved it... Painting outside is the best !!!

This is what I was painting, I will post my sketch in the next one. I had to leave the final one at the Gallery... If you every go to Vermont to paint... check out Jack and Karen Winslow's Landscape workshops....they are terrific!!!! in Cambridge VT.