Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Day Off

I had last Friday off, so I decided to stay home and paint. First things first, quiet time in the garden with a good cup of tea, and some good painting books.

I worked again on the sun flowers and gold finches, the first one was done on the back of an old painting. I use every white space, no waste in my studio. I often work out paintings in my sketch book and sometimes they are better than the final. I know why, because I am freer to paint, not nervous about wasting paper. This one was done in my sketch book, but will try to do it again, and maybe put a bird in it....

I think these two... need a story to go with them, maye I can get my grandkids to make up one. ..

. It was a great day... in the studio...

and in the garden.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer is here

The garden is blooming and those gold finches are so inspiring, here are my latest impressions of the joy of summer....
I love sitting in the garden in the evening, watching the birds come for their last meal. I saw my first fire fly tonight.... they are so magical.
I called about Mr. Hum, he is still alive, and eating on his own.... he has a bad foot, so hopefully it will repair itself....and he can be free.
have a great weekend...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Good by Mr. Hum

Mr. hum had a fast pace weekend, but then Hummers are used to that, they are known to travel 2,000 mile or more. He came to work with me on Saturday, in his little box of course. Then on Sunday , he traveled to church with me and I stuck his box under my chair, no one asked what it was and he did not make a sound. Then we attended a family reunion, where he delighted the children and even the adults were amazed at how small he really was.... Then back to work on Monday. I contacted an exotic bird lady that was a specialist in wild birds, so on my lunch hour, Mr. Hum went off on a new adventure. He is safe in the hands of a specialist... It was a privilege to care for him and enjoy his company for 4 days.
These next pictures are in memory of him. He was a jewel in my garden, I will never forget this experience.

Humming birds are only found in the Western Hemisphere , aren't we Blessed!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Mr. Hum

Thurs. evening when I went outside I found this little fellow
on the ground flapping away... and very exhausted. So I picked him up and brought him in . Imagine holding a humming bird in your hand... I just wanted to kiss him......but I didn't :) I named him , Mr. Hum

Ed fixed up a great little tube so I could feed him some sugar water... he really liked it... and ate a lot.... then rested... I kept him in a little nest I made.... by my I could feed him at night , if needed.... he slept very quietly :) Today I tried to see if he could fly, but sadly he just flops around really trying hard... he flys straight up like a helicopter...then falls... I can't figure out what is wrong... so I just continue to feed him... and keep him safe... got any ideas?
After all my chores today I sat down and tried another watercolor.... I seemed to be thinking about the ocean.... well I guess because I spent the first 21 years of my life on it....
I like this sketch.. I think I will make a big one... I can hear the waves crashing in the background... and gulls cackling away...

if you live by the sea... say hello for me.... and


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Longing for the sea

Today I did two small watercolors, of my favorite place. Somewhere by the sea. I spent the first 21 years of my life by the water, but even though I live in the Midwest I can still smell, taste and feel the salt air in my mind....
So I decided to paint what I love.......
that helps you get started...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Inspiration from the garden

Last Week my Rhododendron was in perfect bloom. Spring this year has been spectacular with all the rain we have had. I had to take some pictures so I could try to paint them
I have been really busy so no time to really spend hours painting, so I have to be satisfied with just quick sketches... I always leave my brushes out, and paints ready for a moment to pick them up and splash on some color on a white page....
This is a gorgeous Peony, they bloomed this week, so camera was ready. Just look at the color in this white bloom.... I will have to try and get that on paper.

These are my sketch book sketches.... just quick and loose, but it sure is fun

My little house wren comes around the garden in the evening and sings the most melodious song... and of course the hummers are back... oh they are just lovely to watch.

When I have long periods of no painting... I study my favorite watercolorists, like Homer, Whitney... and here is Jamison. He does wonderful daisies.... His book, Capturing Nature in Watercolor is worth reading and studying...

enjoy your garden.... :)