Thursday, August 11, 2011

Catching the Light

The other evening was so beautiful.. not only the temp was perfect... and the light as the sun went down was just marvelous... I got my camera out and took several pictures... and then
went right to the paint box... to try and capture the feeling... I was happy with what came out... since I have been working through a long painters block... I think seeing something that just captures your senses... helps to release the creativity within.. and there it is on canvas... It was fun... will have to try again... hope you are enjoying the cooler weather.. and the sunsets... just fantastic!

Sheep again

Back to the sheep pictures were getting low...and I had a request for one... and so I
had to send out my last picture. I decided to paint a few more... I love the Theme of sheep with lambs... and there are endless photos on the web to look at... I usually find one and then make up my own surrounding... wish I knew a sheep farmer in town to just go and sketch...
These are matted in 8x10 .. which is very easy to pop in a frame. I usually sell them just matted.
It felt good to accomplish something this week in watercolor... really enjoyed the study... will look for more...