Sunday, April 21, 2013

Another week slips by

 The week flew by.. with prep for art class...and Prep for Wedding on Sat.
 We finished up study on birds with drawing nests and feathers.. great class... time just flies  we are going to start drawing faces... People... yikes.. I better practice...
 Pink roses was the choice of flowers for this wedding... they were gorgeous...and smelled so sweet
 Inspired each week from Floret Flower Farm's bouquets... always brings my brushes to paint!!
 Talking with my dear friend in Long Island... this little sketch is going to her for a gift...These are her two chairs that sit on her lawn backed by huge rhododendrons . 
These are the bouquets on route to the wedding party.. it was a wonderful wedding... 
the ceremony was at the State House... gorgeous... and we had lots of fun at the reception!

Friday, April 5, 2013

An Artists life

 The Past two weeks... my cousin, Nina has  been super busy helping Lambs come into the world on her farm in Hollis Maine... and of course she sends me pictures everyday... I have tried to get them on paper... this was my best one... I love these little guys.. and will try to do more..Easter was a lovely day.. Sun
 came out and it was warm enough for the annual Egg hunt... and we launched the Watercolor Workshop info...and now it is full speed ahead to July.... painting in Maine will be fantastic
 And the art class is now onto birds... my favorite.. so we will do them for three great lessons... James just dived in and created a wonderful Canada goose... I love his freedom and eagerness to try 
 Next class we will draw feathers... so I have to study them my self..and having fun doing it... can't wait to do more
 we will learn how to do a bird's nest...and learn about different birds and how they construct their nests... It is all so much fun..and so interesting.. an Artist should know much about what he or she paints... 
 These are my favorite of all birds... the Red-knots .. They are an endangered species... their story is absolutely incredible. and soon I will tell you the story. I am doing a journal on their journey....  
 Here is the Red-knot sitting on her eggs in the Tundra... she begins her journey to the Tundra from the tip of South America... 
 OH.. Chickens... yes...they are birds also..and so fun to paint.. lots of color and texture.. so that 
was my two weeks in review..