Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fall is in... and here comes color

 Fall is slowly moving in...and I am ready for wonderful color everywhere outside.... I love picking up acorns
 and collecting pine cones and seeds...and putting long stems of berries in buckets... watching gorgeous
 butterflies go by...and picking up odd shaped leaves... The change of seasons is so refreshing and
 never dull... always the excitement of those new feelings... the gathering of families,..the pumpkin food,
apple pies.... and hot cider... it all puts a good feeling inside me...and causes me to create... hope it does you also

Monday, September 2, 2013

Is Summer really ended?

 It seems like yesterday I was planting my little flower garden...and now it is in full glory, and tomatoes
 ripening faster than I can eat them... I have painted all summer..mostly from my little palette cause I was traveling a lot...... 
 I have been having fun with painting food... drinks...and vegetables... since I like to photograph them, I thought It would be fun to paint some favorites.
 The little garden has been a spot to go and get refreshed after a long day running around... It always cheers me up and gives me gifts to bring back to my room..and the sweet taste of a fresh tomato is awesome
 Soon the leaves will be turning..and a whole new palette will unveil to paint and wonder at... looking forward to the next season.... always something to inspire me...