Monday, March 31, 2008

New Project

Making Cards is one of my favorite things to do. I never buy a card, oh maybe those really funny ones sometimes. But mostly I like to design my own, with a special message , a scripture verse to encourage someone. This is a project you could do. Start small with watercolor...and soon you will be doing bigger Paintings :) Here are the latest cards. It was a special order for a friend who loves sheep. I love sheep also, so I had tons of photos. A great book I found that was helpful in drawing sheep. Henry Moore's Sheep Sketchbook.
I always practice drawing, in my sketch pad. Looking for those shadows that say sheep, the values. I love the texture of sheep, their shape :)... and I guess because the Lord is my Shepherd, I consider myself one of His sheep. I just love sheep. I practice, until my brush strokes and shading and lines say SHEEP
Here are some of my sketches. I try not to use many brush strokes... less is best, the simplest way to say sheep is the best. I do many value sketches, learning the anatomy of sheep. Good practice for brush work.

More practice. I use a soft drawing pencil just to get the shape, then pick up my #8 round watercolor brush and put in shadows... softening edges... and laying texture. Sometimes I like my practice better than my final. It is fresh and crisp and not worked over.

Here is one of the cards... this was mostly black and white, with subtle greys.

Another card...

Here is the final package... I really enjoyed the project, and now I know more about drawing and painting sheep... will have to try and do a big one :)
Get your paints out and paint a card... send it to someone ....

and it will light up their life .

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Special Day

On Wednesdays I go to Margie's house and we enjoy our talents together. Margie plays the piano. She does not use any music, but knows hundreds of songs by heart. I sit at the piano with her, and we just enjoy music for a long time. I love my time with this wonderful friend.

While we are at the piano, Margie often tells me stories of her youth, I love to hear them. The music on the piano is not for her, it is for those who sit with her and want to sing :)....

I love watching her hands as they cover the key board, she is an artist with this instrument. That is why it was such fun to introduce Margie to painting. The same principles are used in art as for music.

After our music session , we head out to the sun room where Margie has her paints. I started Margie painting 2 years ago , and she loves it. We paint what is dear to her heart, Scotland. Margie and her Husband and family lived there for 5 years and she loves the scenery.

Margie's watercolor set up is very simple and we do small paintings, so we can finish in one to two hours. We paint side by side. I start , she follows. We always start with the sky. Margie loves blue skies and puffy white clouds.

Spending the day with Margie and sharing what God has given both of us, is a treasure I am deeply grateful for. My friend Margie is a gift from God.

If you know someone that you could share talents with, try it... you will be so blessed!

Good job Margie!!

Inspired by Spring

Last week when it was warm, and Spring was in the air, I had time to paint. I started with "warm ups". Just painting on cheap paper, from my heart with quick splashes of colors. It is fun to do and gets you ready for the final painting.
You can see the wonder of watercolor, its transparency, the way the colors overlay and create other colors. I use a large brush first, a one inch flat, then go to the rigger for details.
This was after warm up, I decided to try baskets. I love texture, that is when I get out my toothbrush :)... and use different tools to get a ruff feeling. I also used Mi skit for the daisies. Stuff that covers the paper , holds the white for you while you paint around it.... then it rubs off and, walla you have a white daisy, then you paint its form.
Now get those paints out and just play with color, texture and shape... you will enjoy it .

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More Spring Color

Now that you are excited about painting spring. there are 8 things you should know that will attract anyone to your pictures. they are the "Eight Principles of Design ".

Dominance, Balance, Contrast, Gradation, Variation, Alternation, Harmony, Unity.

Why they work and why it is the key to success is just because they are basic principles of nature, our world is run by them .... Just think about that.

I am going to paint now...

Think Spring

Now that we got thru the worst week of storms... lets get spring on the brain.... and just like this little robin... rest in the fact that it is trully coming!!!

the first step in painting is to get emotionally involved with what you are painitng.. I love birds... and especially those that are hidden , waiting and resting :)/

I will leave you with some more spring paintings. Why not pick up the brush and try painting spring... it is so rewarding and fun... just splash on some color and go for it...:)....

Spring is really coming.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Red Knot nesting

Today I was off of work. I planned to paint in my studio most the day. I had done my research and looked at tons of photos of Red Knots and now I must do a painting. I plan to do it on a beige charcoal paper. This means I can not use much water... but my plan is for much texture.....

It was wonderful to just paint today... and watch the birds out my window... an icy wonderland today... :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Story of the Red Knots
This is the site where you must go to see the story of the Red Knots and why I want to learn about them and paint them..
I stand in awe at God's creation and His amazing design.... and then grieve that we have not been watching... and caring for it.... The more I study God's creatures , more I worship Him.... just enjoy the story of these amazing birds, then think...God has given us the responsibility to take care
of this beautiful earth, to enjoy it's beauty.

Enjoy God's creation today , He is the Master Artist! Care for it and Care for each other.....

O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! Psalm 8

Monday, March 3, 2008

Here are some of the begining sketches. I do a lot , then I do a final watercolor. I try to get good contrast and lots of texture, makes for an interesting picture. I really love the coloring of the bird... so that has to be important in the painting... The Light, and how it hits the bird is important also... will try different ways.
see you next time :)

Amazing Birds

These are Red knots. Truly a marvelous bird.They travel over 9000 miles to migrate, from the Artic to the tip of South America, stopping to feed on their way. I love their coloring. Funny maybe because I also have red hair...hahah..
they stop on the coasts to feed on horseshoe crab eggs, and they always arrive at just the right time, when the horseshoe crab has laid their eggs...
I will show you my sketches at another post :)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

March 2, 2008

Here is the after... still learning how to do blogging. :)

Here is the little bird I was telling you about that I was painting yesterday..Isn't he gorgeous? I first painted him off white, let dry then put on color. It was really fun. This bird is an immature robin, hope you figured that out :) This lovely wooden bird was carved by a dear man in Pa. , Don Forsyth , we have never met, but we both love birds.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

March 1, 2008

Got home early today.. so I decided to do some painting. I am painting birds, not on paper... 3 dimensional ones. They have been hand carved from wood and so beautifully done... my goal is to paint them to be life like... I will show pictures tomorrow...
Doing a blog is a real learning curve for me ... so hang in there. :) I think I wrote this twice, who knows where it went... it is out there somewhere... but I did it agian... I will get it..give me time. :)

I will leave you with some great quotes from my most inspiring teacher I ever sat under, Ed Whitney. I was only in my early teens and did not appreciate what I really was listening to , a giant in watercolor, but a great guy.

"There are two reasons for putting paint on paper, one is to communicate and idea or and emotion. The other is to decorate a surface. Either way... or even both together needs knowledge of the tools used."

"An artist does not report the fact of a thing, he expresses the truth of it in whatever language he is using.".

Think about that...

I will be back.