Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Outing

Finally got to go to the Farmer's market this past Sat..... and you can see I was attracted to the flowers.... Asiatic Lilies... wow... in a blue vase... stunning...must paint it.
You can just see the tomatoes on the table in the background.... there was a huge line for those... but I just had to get these colorful ones up front.... funny i work with flowers all week, and still i am attracted to them.... i bought 3 herb plants for the garden.

Emily was with me, we had fun walking the sweet street in Zionsville, stopping to take pictures of all the flowers... Emily is the prettiest flower on the street :)
We stopped to have coffee, then found this backyard garden filled with hollyhocks... Back to the studio I did a quick watercolor on green charcoal paper... .i am off to Vermont for 2wks...hope to paint and return with some expressions of Vermont... i will be painting with the famous artists.. Jack and Karen Winslow..... wow... what an honor!!!!!!

Enjoy the summer color !

A Summer's Outing

Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer is Here

Summer is here....and Uncle Bill is back. It has been so long since I posted...I think the rules have changed...so my pictures are not in order...must find out how to do that from my experts in the family..... This is a sketch of a painting i want to do... have not done much painting.... sorry.
When Uncle Bill is around we do a lot of cooking...and have a lot of fun.... I even got to spend a night in his camper.... breakfast was delicious... Each night we come up with a different meal, and now we are picking from our own garden.... oh what joy....

Here is a picture of the two cooking experts... you can tell they really enjoy their craft

Uncle Bill keeps us laughing as he cooks up a dish... it is an event, we all get involved.

Here is a shot of Uncle Bill at his Indianapolis camp ground, and that's another story.

I will leave you with another idea for a painting... you can see I am enjoying the little yellow finches that have returned to the garden....
Have a great day in the sun .