Friday, January 25, 2013

A Day With Tea

 My Day with tea begins with This beautiful hand made Tea tray, and my favorite tea cup, with my favorite tea. The Tea tray was made by a dear friend who is a Master Carpenter.. it was a gift... and I use it many times during the day... 
 The first pot of tea is early morning.. while reading my Bible.., Irish Breakfast,  it goes fast..and with the cold mornings it is so comforting...
 After noon Tea... usually gets a spice thrown in... I love the Cinnamon Tempest from Trader Joes... I add that to my Irish Breakfast tea bag... makes a robust tea..and when it is really cold... my cup gets a cozy...anything to keep that hot tea hot!!

  Sometimes I get to read a good art book... which must have a pot of tea to go with it... as you can see my Tea tray gets a work out... my tea cozy was hand made by my daughter... who keep us all in hot tea with her beautiful cozies 
 Here is a collection of my favorite teas right now..My Irish Breakfast tea I get at Trader Joes... it goes into a tin, so I don't have a box to show you...
 And my favorite cups... given to me by special people...each one is perfect for drinking.tea...
 Another tea gift... a box to keep specialty teas in... very creative..
And a recent painting, sorry it uploaded wrong, ?.. this is of my favorite traveling tea pot, I bought it in Scotland almost 10 years ago... I take it with me on trips... just so I can make the proper tea... you know how that is... 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chickens and garlic

Just popped a Chicken and garlic dinner in the oven...and it made me think of the Chicken and garlic 
 That I painted this I thought i would show them to you...along with some new sketches 

 The weather is so cold... all we can do is look out the window and enjoy the birds... which I do.. and that is why I painted that cardinal above . they sit in the trees..and decorate the branches with their bright red coats...
 I love using garlic in my cooking... and so decided to sketch one for fun... also.. drinking hot pots of tea and
reading good painting books...a good way to wait for Spring.... :) 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Valentine Cards

 So on we go to another event... Valentine's Day... I think it is a great time to tell someone they are
 special and dearly loved.... sending cards is still a great way to let people know they are thought about
Getting special mail in snail like getting a present at Christmas... something in an envelope addressed
 only to you... with a sweet message inside that will last forever... love it... that is why I send them 
when ever I can

Friday, January 4, 2013

Petite Gallery on Etsy

 Spent most of the day working on my Etsy shop, I finally got my
 act together and here we go... I love Etsy.. such a neat place for creative people like all of us... Just wish I was more computer savey...but in time.. I will catch on...or find someone that is a super star with it.....
 I love seeing these friends again... inspires me to paint.. and that is next.... sorry this is upside down.. it loaded like that... and don't know where the button of re-position is... does anyone know how to do it on Blogger?... 
 Anyway... I will be posting some more classics.... hope you are all painting out there and have goals for your  art this year.... get yourself some new brushes...and pens... and have fun...