Bouquets of Life

I love the farmer's market bouquets...and I so love to pick bouquets of Flowers, whether it be wild weeds by the roadside....or those special ones in the garden. I love to bring them inside and keep them where I can look at them ...they delight my heart...and fill my soul with beauty...

Just like today... I made a bouquet with the things I did and the people I saw. I got up early, had tea and read my Bible... the flowers of God's word delighted my soul. I then picked time to worship at church, singing songs of Christ. Then off to deliver a gift to a friend, meeting many friends on the way, each one a special flower in my bouquet. Returning home to listen to music and paint something that was on my mind and heart. That completed my bouquet for the day..I was satisfied.

Life has its bouquets everyday... they are there to be picked and enjoyed..
Pick a bouquet tomorrow and enjoy every moment.


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