Friday, August 31, 2012

New Dawn

 My daughter has one of my favorite roses.. it is a climber, New Dawn. It was gorgeous in my backyard
when I was growing up,, the smell when you walked outside was just the best..and when I smell them today
I go right back to my youth and my backyard.. where so many happy events took place... I love that rose...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How about Tea

 I have started a new line of cards.... this is my tea group... just had fun with doing different styles. I have a new app on my iPhone...and came up with this one..
I plan to do some sheep...and also some Quacker and Cheese, my two favorite characters.... 
 I drink almost two pots of tea a day... yes.. one in the morning..and one with a friend or my girls when I visit at their home... we are always looking for different tea tastes
 I Think having tea with a good friend is a treasure .... to enjoy often... somehow... brewing a cup... slows
life down.. and makes you enjoy the moment in a special way...hope you enjoy these... they can be purchased on my Etsy shop... Watercolortales.... 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

 Chickens are in...and have I  been talking about raising chickens... I did once in my life , long ago in Vermont. 
 but now I love to paint them, their feathers are wonderful to paint with watercolor.. I love the flow of color
 and the rhythm of their bodies . Last time I was at the State Fair... I loved taking pictures of all the different breeds... so many colors and varieties ... 
 I through in my owl friend... a bit sideways.. sorry... we are starting to hear him at night... they love to hoot in the fall...looking for a mate... . 
How's the sketching going?... what have you been sketching this summer?