Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Things

 Spring arrived early this year... it's been glorious... and inspirational as always... Out come the yellows and lime greens....oh those Daffodils... they are the happiest in the sun...... 
 The seasons instill in us many feelings... they change our whole system... from different foods, to wearing different colors... to getting out into the yard... looking for something growing green... I love it's power that moves me forward... without saying a word!!!
 The spring cards in the shop and some  new ones also...
 The Birds are singing early in the morning... love that... get me right out of bed... singing with them... soon there will be babies hoping around... have you planted pansies yet?... love those happy faces... just put them in pots around the front door.... It's Spring... and it's wonderful!!! 
 Working on a new business card... finally finished one...but this is not it... although I like the tea cup, I will post my card next blog.... looking forward to the new look on Etsy... after April 5... check it out!! 
Don't miss the Spring thing happening outside... it is unveiling fast... and you don't want to miss one leaf !!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

For the love of Sheep

My cousin, Nina Fuller has a sheep farm in Hollis Maine, one of my favorite places to go! And all the sheep I paint are her sheep. Scottish Black Face sheep. Nina is a worl renown photographer and takes incredibly beautiful pictures of these sheep... And of course it inspires me to pick up my brush and capture again the beauty. This is only a few of the many paintings and illustrations I have done. Sheep have always reminded me of my relationship to God, I am a sheep in his pasture , The Lord is my Shepherd. I also love painting farm life .. Always a challenge to get the animals to stay still. Life on the farm is peaceful, a spiritual journey, a wonderful place to be. I love visiting Nina, and pitching in with all the chores, knowing the place helps to paint it better