Friday, April 18, 2008

Charcoal Painting Continued.

Here is another watercolor on charcoal paper, a Red Knot. I love the way you can use the gouache to bring out the white feathers... and tiny highlights.
This is a red capped sparrow. When working on Charcoal paper, you can not use a lot of water... the paper will wrinkle. It is wet on dry paper. I like the challenge and the change from the white paper..

try it. :)

Painting on Charcoal Paper

My sister in law, Karen Winslow, who is one of the best artists I know, gave me the idea to do watercolors on charcoal paper. to use a color other than white. This is a fun challenge. You are painting on a medium value.

It is fun because you can use designer Gouache for the light value and highlights. This is something you don't always do with white paper...
This bird was an American Bittern and of course the first one was a seagull . :)

My blog is not letting me put another image on... so I will finish here, and try again another time...

I have two more pictures to show you...

enjoy the day

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Nesting Time

This weekend was spectacular for working outside and cleaning up the gardens. As I was enjoying this huge task , I noticed lots of birds very happy with what I turned up... worms, grasses and bugs. I was constantly entertained by their business
They were working hard also, finding mates and building nests. I noticed many birds with stuff hanging out of their peaks.... looking for that perfect site....

This all inspired me to look into their types of nests and color of eggs. I wanted to paint a few... so here is a few of my friends.... I am eager to build some nesting boxes so we can watch the process more closely....

These guys are not in my yard.... but was doing seagull studies this week, so I posted them in for variety :).....

Take some time and look out your windows.... a lot is happening in the bird world :)