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Another thing that I do and thought I would share with you... is making cards. I hardly ever buy a card, when I go to look at them and see the prices.. I jut say...," I will make one".
I have many watercolor journals where I practice and have fun... and so it is there that I go to get my cards... I just cut and paste,,, cropping the picture to fit the card stock. Sometimes I use very colorful card stock, like these here.... or I will get the earthy tones for fall and winter... I love matching the colors, or contrasting them.
And my big secret about my envelops is; .... that I get them from the card lady who restocks the card racks...where I work. I found her throwing them away one day...and nearly had a cow... .. I asked if I could have them... and ever since, she saves them for me... I get all colors..and all sizes...!
After Valentines day I get all red... :)...don't mind that , they are free..and get good use. We all like a red envelope in the mailbox!
After doing this many years... I am sure I have save a bundle... and often I find my cards framed on someones wall... :)...
I hope you try this... it really is rewarding and fun way to use your sketch book pieces... :)


lauraiversen said…
thanks so much for inspiring me! I'm going to take art lessons next year...been experimenting with watercolors for two years them!

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