This is a practice watercolor.. of my favorite tea cup...
I haven't posted any paintings lately, I have been just playing around, practice , having fun...
Have not had time to work on a big just practice... and am reading some good books
about artists I like, right now I am interested in William Merrit Chase... He was from Indiana, then moved to NYC.. and became one of Americas famous Plien Air Painters....1800's.
He also did fabulous portraits, and still life. He worked in Oil, watercolor and Pastels.....
I will have to take some photos of his work, from the books I am reading and share them with you... my favorite landscapes he did, were of Long Island... ... on the beach...Long Island is where I grew up and much of my youth on the water... either sailing, fishing or just there... I miss it .
I am traveling to Long Island in a few weeks...and hope I can do some painting also..
and visit the Parish see Chases paintings in person... .
Are you reading any good books?


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