Mr. Hum

Thurs. evening when I went outside I found this little fellow
on the ground flapping away... and very exhausted. So I picked him up and brought him in . Imagine holding a humming bird in your hand... I just wanted to kiss him......but I didn't :) I named him , Mr. Hum

Ed fixed up a great little tube so I could feed him some sugar water... he really liked it... and ate a lot.... then rested... I kept him in a little nest I made.... by my I could feed him at night , if needed.... he slept very quietly :) Today I tried to see if he could fly, but sadly he just flops around really trying hard... he flys straight up like a helicopter...then falls... I can't figure out what is wrong... so I just continue to feed him... and keep him safe... got any ideas?
After all my chores today I sat down and tried another watercolor.... I seemed to be thinking about the ocean.... well I guess because I spent the first 21 years of my life on it....
I like this sketch.. I think I will make a big one... I can hear the waves crashing in the background... and gulls cackling away...

if you live by the sea... say hello for me.... and



Carla said…
I LOVE Mr. Hum. Maybe he needs you to show him how to fly? Will pray that he can do it soon. How precious that you can play mom to a hummingbird!
Heather L. said…
The hummingbird is adorable!!! Glad you got pictures
Christina said…
Ah, Mr. Hum is so sweet. Poor thing. Well, we'll add this to the list of animals you saved -- didn't you help a fox once in Vermont?

I'm thinking of the ocean too... there is something about summer and the sea.
Karen Reyburn said…
Oh, I love the one of the sea just makes me sigh for the sea.

I am away to St Andrews on Friday and will greet the sea for you!!

If you have an extra of that one save it for me when i come in July!! Love to you

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