Good by Mr. Hum

Mr. hum had a fast pace weekend, but then Hummers are used to that, they are known to travel 2,000 mile or more. He came to work with me on Saturday, in his little box of course. Then on Sunday , he traveled to church with me and I stuck his box under my chair, no one asked what it was and he did not make a sound. Then we attended a family reunion, where he delighted the children and even the adults were amazed at how small he really was.... Then back to work on Monday. I contacted an exotic bird lady that was a specialist in wild birds, so on my lunch hour, Mr. Hum went off on a new adventure. He is safe in the hands of a specialist... It was a privilege to care for him and enjoy his company for 4 days.
These next pictures are in memory of him. He was a jewel in my garden, I will never forget this experience.

Humming birds are only found in the Western Hemisphere , aren't we Blessed!


Christina said…
mom, your garden is beautiful. Your picture of Mr. Hum is stunning! You should illustrate a story about Mr. Hum!
Ann said…
Hi Dee,
What a wonderful story and amazing watercolor. I hope we can have it for the upcoming show of your work. I agree with your daughter. I think the story of Mr. Hum would make a charming children's book.

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