Inspiration from the garden

Last Week my Rhododendron was in perfect bloom. Spring this year has been spectacular with all the rain we have had. I had to take some pictures so I could try to paint them
I have been really busy so no time to really spend hours painting, so I have to be satisfied with just quick sketches... I always leave my brushes out, and paints ready for a moment to pick them up and splash on some color on a white page....
This is a gorgeous Peony, they bloomed this week, so camera was ready. Just look at the color in this white bloom.... I will have to try and get that on paper.

These are my sketch book sketches.... just quick and loose, but it sure is fun

My little house wren comes around the garden in the evening and sings the most melodious song... and of course the hummers are back... oh they are just lovely to watch.

When I have long periods of no painting... I study my favorite watercolorists, like Homer, Whitney... and here is Jamison. He does wonderful daisies.... His book, Capturing Nature in Watercolor is worth reading and studying...

enjoy your garden.... :)


Heather L. said…
The photos from your garden came out really, really well! i love your sketches too -- especially the little wren.
Christina said…
Oh, what beautiful watercolors of the flowers! I LOVE them! They look so refreshing and blissful!

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