New Project

Making Cards is one of my favorite things to do. I never buy a card, oh maybe those really funny ones sometimes. But mostly I like to design my own, with a special message , a scripture verse to encourage someone. This is a project you could do. Start small with watercolor...and soon you will be doing bigger Paintings :) Here are the latest cards. It was a special order for a friend who loves sheep. I love sheep also, so I had tons of photos. A great book I found that was helpful in drawing sheep. Henry Moore's Sheep Sketchbook.
I always practice drawing, in my sketch pad. Looking for those shadows that say sheep, the values. I love the texture of sheep, their shape :)... and I guess because the Lord is my Shepherd, I consider myself one of His sheep. I just love sheep. I practice, until my brush strokes and shading and lines say SHEEP
Here are some of my sketches. I try not to use many brush strokes... less is best, the simplest way to say sheep is the best. I do many value sketches, learning the anatomy of sheep. Good practice for brush work.

More practice. I use a soft drawing pencil just to get the shape, then pick up my #8 round watercolor brush and put in shadows... softening edges... and laying texture. Sometimes I like my practice better than my final. It is fresh and crisp and not worked over.

Here is one of the cards... this was mostly black and white, with subtle greys.

Another card...

Here is the final package... I really enjoyed the project, and now I know more about drawing and painting sheep... will have to try and do a big one :)
Get your paints out and paint a card... send it to someone ....

and it will light up their life .


Heather L. said…
I love all the sheepy pictures!!! The cards turned out so nicely!!! We need to figure out how to print them now!
Anonymous said…
Your sheep look so big and fat and content -- must be the love of the shepherd, and the artist!
Karen Winslow said…
Hey Dee, These are great! Karen

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