My Special Day

On Wednesdays I go to Margie's house and we enjoy our talents together. Margie plays the piano. She does not use any music, but knows hundreds of songs by heart. I sit at the piano with her, and we just enjoy music for a long time. I love my time with this wonderful friend.

While we are at the piano, Margie often tells me stories of her youth, I love to hear them. The music on the piano is not for her, it is for those who sit with her and want to sing :)....

I love watching her hands as they cover the key board, she is an artist with this instrument. That is why it was such fun to introduce Margie to painting. The same principles are used in art as for music.

After our music session , we head out to the sun room where Margie has her paints. I started Margie painting 2 years ago , and she loves it. We paint what is dear to her heart, Scotland. Margie and her Husband and family lived there for 5 years and she loves the scenery.

Margie's watercolor set up is very simple and we do small paintings, so we can finish in one to two hours. We paint side by side. I start , she follows. We always start with the sky. Margie loves blue skies and puffy white clouds.

Spending the day with Margie and sharing what God has given both of us, is a treasure I am deeply grateful for. My friend Margie is a gift from God.

If you know someone that you could share talents with, try it... you will be so blessed!

Good job Margie!!


Anonymous said…
This is my first time to post..I have been lurking since you set up your blog. I love your paintings, they are like a breath of fresh air. I have always loved water color paintings.

What a blessing it must be to share the day with Margie and paint together. Thank you for the encouragement to share our talents with others.
Blessings, Patty
Christina said…
Oh, what a lovely post! I loved seeing your day with Margie! What a special time! I love your spring watercolors too! Oh, aren't we all hungry for a bit of spring color!
Heather L. said…
Loved all the photos! They are so special and you captured it all so well!
Anonymous said…
Hello from New Zealand!
I'm a friend of Heather's, and Mrs. B's too - just loved seeing the photo's of her. Made me want to cry - I miss her.
I love your paintings - they're so beautiful. I enjoyed reading your blog.
Rachel L

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