March 1, 2008

Got home early today.. so I decided to do some painting. I am painting birds, not on paper... 3 dimensional ones. They have been hand carved from wood and so beautifully done... my goal is to paint them to be life like... I will show pictures tomorrow...
Doing a blog is a real learning curve for me ... so hang in there. :) I think I wrote this twice, who knows where it went... it is out there somewhere... but I did it agian... I will get it..give me time. :)

I will leave you with some great quotes from my most inspiring teacher I ever sat under, Ed Whitney. I was only in my early teens and did not appreciate what I really was listening to , a giant in watercolor, but a great guy.

"There are two reasons for putting paint on paper, one is to communicate and idea or and emotion. The other is to decorate a surface. Either way... or even both together needs knowledge of the tools used."

"An artist does not report the fact of a thing, he expresses the truth of it in whatever language he is using.".

Think about that...

I will be back.


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