Inspired by Spring

Last week when it was warm, and Spring was in the air, I had time to paint. I started with "warm ups". Just painting on cheap paper, from my heart with quick splashes of colors. It is fun to do and gets you ready for the final painting.
You can see the wonder of watercolor, its transparency, the way the colors overlay and create other colors. I use a large brush first, a one inch flat, then go to the rigger for details.
This was after warm up, I decided to try baskets. I love texture, that is when I get out my toothbrush :)... and use different tools to get a ruff feeling. I also used Mi skit for the daisies. Stuff that covers the paper , holds the white for you while you paint around it.... then it rubs off and, walla you have a white daisy, then you paint its form.
Now get those paints out and just play with color, texture and shape... you will enjoy it .


Anonymous said…
I love the colors in your "fun" paintings. What do you do with them? I also love the birdie in the basket with my favorite flower. I don't know what a mi skit or a walla is, but it looks great.

I'm waiting for someone to discover my hidden talent like Margie's, although she is multi talented because she also does poetry!

Anonymous said…
Your flowers, landscapes and birds -- yes, and the sheep -- just beautiful! Breathtakingly beautiful. God has given you such a wonderful talent and you are so kind to share it with so many others.
Love ya,

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