My Favorite Walk

Just a short walk from where I live is the most wonderful Pond, surrounded by the most gorgeous wild flowers. I love to take a walk in the evening when the light is just right. the Pond is full of surprises each time I go
the ducks are all preening and and relaxing after a long day... the bees and bugs are busy to catch the last sweetness before dark... and sometimes we can catch ratty, the muskrat collecting a lillypad to take back to his den for the night.

The wild flowers are so many and ones I have never seen before...wish I knew the names for you...

I love the clouds in this one... I tried a quick watercolor , will share it the next blog.

I hope you are enjoying the outdoors with lots of fun walks... there is so much to see , the summer is at it's peak... enjoy


Christine said…
I think the wildflower you have there is Obedient Plan(Physostegia virginiana). If you bend the stem, it will remain in that position for a bit. Fun to do!
PS I LOVE your watercolors!!!

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