Beautiful Vermont

I had the Joy of going to Vermont for 2 weeks. the first week I helped out with a dear friends wedding and did the flowers.... it was the most fun...and I will post that another time. Vermont was really green, because they have had lots of rain also... It is an artist's paradise!!!
We took a trip up to the Trapp Family Lodge, a favorite place to spend the afternoon, the views are spectacular.

The horses were getting ready to take a few folks on a slow ride through the meadow... what a way to relax!!

Yes, I painted everyday, inside and out, and I hope to share more on that later... this is my little set up. so easy to carry around in one bag... Near by I could hear the cows...and smell them also... I loved it... Painting outside is the best !!!

This is what I was painting, I will post my sketch in the next one. I had to leave the final one at the Gallery... If you every go to Vermont to paint... check out Jack and Karen Winslow's Landscape workshops....they are terrific!!!! in Cambridge VT.


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