The Season Begins

 March begins the journey of Spring Weddings... .This one we just finished.. and It was such a joy..and so 
 Sweet... working with my dear friend and daughter through the whole preparation was such fun....
 The Colors were gorgeous...but I must confess it was really hard to pick flowers to match the beautiful Salmon color of the bridesmaids... finding the right rose and combining two peach colors was really scary 
 Deciding how to design and where to put things was not easy...but fell into place as we sought God's hand 
 all the way... we always begin with prayer... This is God's glory to create... He has given us the joy of 
 handling His creations... we need His help... ..I loved working with David Austin roses...this one was Juliet
 like picking a rose from the garden... it handles so well... and Parrot tulips...just amazing.. I learn so much 
 from each wedding project.. and I look forward to the next... I hear it will be in shades of purple... 
  ....I am truly Blessed to be able to participate in creating beauty for such a special occasion... 


Rachel Kessler said…
Lovely! Makes me miss my own wedding which is coming up on a year ago soon. Picking the flowers was probably the hardest part of the entire process. have fun with the purple!!

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