The Red Knots have arrived in Delaware! .

 Red Knots are my favorite shore bird.... Their story of migration is just amazing.. it demonstrates How
 Amazing our God is to design such a bird, not bigger than a Robin...but fly s 18,000 miles every year... 
 Some of these birds have flown the distance to the moon.... in their life time... and amazingly they time their
 arrivals to destinations when nature is providing just the right food.... in is horseshoe crab eggs... The horseshoe crab...just so happens to decide to walk on the beach and bury their eggs..just as the Red knots are flying in... it is all just like clock work... I love it!!!
If you can find the book... read, "The Moon Bird".. it is incredible... any way... these are a few of my sketches of Red knots... they don't come to Indiana... but someday I will go to Delaware and watch them fly in... that is on my bucket list! 


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