Visiting Long Island

Last week I went to Long Island and we were there during the Irene visit, which made for an exciting time... We did manage to have a few days on a lovely beach... got to paint..and then the waves rolled in the next 4 days...
I had looked at books about Landscaping painting on Long Island and loved the paintings... my favorite Long Island artist is , William Meret Chase.. He started the first American Plien Air Landscape classes on Long Island., Shinnicock Hills.
This is a Winslow Homer.. he and William painted out on Long Island in the late 1800's... just look at the clothes people wore on the beach back then... I love the haze in the picture... the umbrellas..
I took my mini watercolor set, Windsor and Newton , and was able to just have fun... but Irene took most of our time... she was forgiving to us, we did not loose power or get flooded, just lots of branches down and wind. ... The Earth Quake caught us on a dock.. thought it was just a wave coming by... but found out later... what it really was...
Glad to be back in the Mid West... but miss that ocean.


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