Painters Block

I have been reading a great book on watercolor, "How to make a watercolor Paint Itself, by Nita Engle. She has some wonderful , and helpful advice for one who is stuck, and just can't pick up the brush. She says it often happens.. mainly because you have been too stressed out to produce, under pressure to paint.. perhaps that has been my dilemma.
Any way she says to just return to your passion.. play with your paints.. experiment!... have fun with your paints... splash on the color... So that is what I have been doing... lately... and just
surround yourself with beauty... the things you love.. The pressure of having to paint each week a good painting was just stifling me ..... so I have been just experimenting..and just playing with my paints... Some-days not even painting... Now that Spring is slowly rising out of the earth and singing its way into my heart.....I find ideas for
paintings forming in my mind.. and soon i will be busy again trying to express that on paper...
These are a few of my fun sketches... just playing around with the paints....
I just got my computer up graded and overhauled.. so it is working much faster...and there are a few new things added... actually when I got it back i lost my blog icon on my desktop..that made me sad.... I know i have not been regular with this ....but maybe now that my machine is up to date... it will be easier... Hope you are having fun painting... remember that is the key to a great painting!!!
sorry some of my pictures came out sideways.. and I don't know how to fix that... new computer.


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