Inspiration comes suddenly

It is funny how nothing can make you paint.. and then you see something, a photo, a flower, someones face.. and you just have to paint it... I struggle with that problem, thinking I can

Paint anything at any time.. but when I find my best subjects ,it is when I get the" wow" feeling when I look at it.. and I must paint it... Have you had that experience? You have days when you just can't put color on the paper right.. you almost give up... I read once from a very famous artist.. my favorite one... Andrew Wyeth... He said the same thing.. there are days when he just
could not paint.....and then he would see something and ..... it would become his masterpiece...
well.. folks... I saw these geese in a book on flower arranging.. and had to try painting them.. these are sketches...but I am planning on a big one... maybe I am quacky....but it is fun trying
Be Inspired today.. if it doesn't come sure it will... and then put it down for someone else to enjoy


Annie said…
Wow! So beautiful!
erwin said…
That is amazing for us.I like your ideas of that We make many types of painting with water colors.Great work I appreciate.
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