A Grandma Day

It was a cold, icy, grey day... but I was about to spend the funniest day with my grandies!!!
And It was a grand day out

We galloped from one adventure to another... first up was funny face lunch... and wow were they delicious...not a crumb left on the plate! -- to making a wonderful tart to have with tea....

To painting , each had their own masterpiece

And here are the funny face sandwiches... each their own design... aren't they looking yummy?

We also read books and just had a great day... I have the best grandies...
and we have the best time together...
and David :)


Karen Winslow said…
Hi Dee...Wow! I will have to make funny face sandwiches my my grandkids!! We make little funny rice-ball heads, which we call "Kissy-poos". Violet just loves them! The watercolor paintings are terrific, too! And that tart looks scrumptious! It looks like you truly had a grand day!! Love, Karen
Ruth MacC said…
I love the sandwiches too:0)
and the paintings!

Is that a huge bag of flour on the table? Looks like something my mum could have done with years ago, what with having 10 children.

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