The Best of Winter

I think Winter has much to offer... It's beauty that is so refreshing and different than the green seasons... and the warmth it brings as we gather together for food and fellowship.
Today I had a dear friend over and we sat by a sunny window , had tea and tasted homemade treats and just shared our lives, laughing, serious talk, talk of spring.., just talk...

I tried making a plum tart, only I did not have plums, substituted prunes, along with apples and pears... it was perfect fare for a winter afternoon... with that perfect cup of tea... and that perfect friend!

Winter does inspire me...I love the contrast of black and white.. and all the in between grays

Find someone that likes to go all out with special meals and get your self invited over..... it is so rich and a nice experience during these long grey days...

AS you can see I know several folks that can put on a good meal...:)... and the fellowship is just as wonderful...

So now that the festive gatherings of Christmas are behind us..... we still have a few months left of this cold and wintry weather...cook up something yummy and have a friend over to enjoy it with... chase the cold with warm fellowship :)
"A generous man will prosper;
and he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed
Proverbs 11:25


Heather L. said…
Sounds good to me!
Christina said…
It's a good time to cozy up and be with friends, isn't it! Loved the post!

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