The Great Job

These are pictures from where I work, the floral dept of a big store. the next two posts have more pictures..... This was my boss, she was making a bridal bouquet, how fun :)
We always have stargazers for sale, aren't they terrific!!?
and of course, we have the red roses for those sweathearts out there :)
and just all kinds of wonderful colors, shapes and sizes of flowers.
what a job!


Ruth and I found your blog through your daughter Heather. I have had a look through it and really like all your photos. You are a lovely painter and I have enjoyed all your paintings. You certainly seem to like humming birds, cant believe you took it to church with you!
It must be lovely visiting your friend and sitting there listening to her play the piano..
Also, the wooden bird turned out great.
You have a lovely blog and I wish you well with it.
God bless,
Carla said…
Hi Dee:
I can't believe you spelled sweatheart like Jim does. It must be in the NYC blood.

I'm so happy you get to work with such beautifully clothed creations of God every day! No wonder you're inspired.

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