A Great Job

I have a fun job. I work in the floral dept. of a large store. Each week we get two shipments of flowers. Here is a photo of the boxes ready to be opened.. That is my boss hiding behind the boxes. She is a great boss, and we have lots of fun.
The flowers come from South America, I often try to imagine the place where they grew. We get all kinds . Each week it is a joy to see their glorious faces.
These are orange and yellow roses...
These are the Gerber's, everyone loves them, and they are first to go.... just look at the colors.... wow
the boxes are unpacked and now we put them out on the floor for customers to take them home and enjoy. We also do arrangements, and help customers put together bouquets for their loved ones, and those in the hospital... In the next Post I will add more flower pictures...
The flowers always inspire me to paint.

There is an old Dutch saying:
"If you have but two guilder, spend one on a loaf of bread to feed the body, but spend the second on a hyacinth to feed the soul. "


Just been on your daughter's blog and read it is your birthday... Happy Birthday from Ireland!!

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