Acrylic Marathon

  • I signed up back in March to have a show at a coffee shop in Fountain Square this August... and since then my youngest had her first baby and my oldest took off to Singapore... she has 5 kids.... my wonderful grand kids. .
  •  . so I have been busy playing and having fun...but not July was the month to womp out a show.... My middle daughter... Christina, of Aknitterslife , decided it should be called.... "Indiana in Bloom"... and so it is...and I have painted 11 paintings of flowers of Indiana! and it has been so fun.... Acrylic is not my medium,, but I have grown to love it... it goes fast and I have incorporated my style of brush work ...and it works... at least I think so....any are some.... the rest you can go to CalvinFletcher coffee shop in Fountain Square to see... starting August. ...If you go... make sure you stop in at Wildwood Market... and crab one of Indy's best sandwiches... sit outside and enjoy Indiana summer.... In Bloom


Hi Laura
I saw one of your works at Calvin Fletchers and have great interest in it. You have likely already sold it but if not let me know. It is of sunflowers with TWO birds - I can send you a photo of it if you respond to my email address.

Thank you,
Sorry- there are THREE birds. Two in central right and one on left. Thanks :)
Laura said…
Yes, I have one sunflower painting left , with 3 birds
Can you email me details on how I can contact you about purchasing it?

Thank you in advance,

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