Illustrating children's books

 I always wanted to illustrate children's books... a life long dream that has come true in the last 4 years.... amazing to me..but it just proves that you should just keep doing the things you love... and
 do it with all your heart and soul..These books were a complete joy to do...they seemed to flow off my brush as I painted them... 
 I am now working on a book that my cousin and I came up with... it is a true story of two sheep.. that will steal your heart..
 Illustrating this book takes time...and I try to fit it in between babysitting my delightful grandkids...and other duties that seem to come up... but sitting down to draw out a story is one of my favorite things to do... it fills me with joy..
Illustrating children's books is the best job....besides being a Mother and grandmother... it has been a long time coming...but I am ready to do it ... and do the best I can


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