Summer Brush

 Summer is in full Swing... so many inspiring things to paint !.. I have been reading a great book...that has really encouraged my quest to paint ... and to keep the brush moving everyday... to paint the glories of creation... so many beautiful things just out my door
 I found this really cheap portable palette.. only 2.99 at Hobby Lobby... lots of mixing space... 
 The roses are spectacular this year.. picked a bunch from my daughter's yard..and kept them in my room, the smell of those roses lasted all week... 
 Watched a video on Chinese brush painting...and fell in love with their rendering of birds... will  go back to that again.. it was supper
 Have planted my flower garden twice... too much rain the first time... hopefully this time it will go.. I put in lots of Sunflowers... I love painting them..
 Thinking of Maine.. will be there most of July... sheep farm.. and plan to paint lots of animals, flowers, and Maine !! Can't wait
I try to get that brush moving everyday.. always something to catch that inspires me... here was a nice bouquet I picked on a walk the other day... the combo was so fresh .. I had to paint it.... 
Hope you are enjoying the summer and all it's glory!


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