my week in pictures

 Finding the Tree Peonies blooming in the back yard..was a treasure  at the beginning of the week.. we watched it open slowly.. each day wider...their fragrance was heaven
 Having lunch with my two sweet daughters... one planning a wedding in the fall... the topic of discussion over a marvelous salad.... and tulips to grace the rich a day it was... 
 Especially playing with my grandson... each creative idea is a wonder...and joy
 whoops.. these guys just can't get it right... but a quick sketch one night of my cousins sheep in Maine.. an idea for a new painting...
 Longing to paint.. I keep my brushes and paints out ... they are always ready to dash some color on a page
Which finally today.. I tried to get this gorgeous flower on paper.. it sure is fun to try... and a good cup of tea... it was a wonderful week.. just picked a handful of lily of the valley.. oh the fragrance is amazing... 
Have a great week... enjoy the little things.. they are the best!!!!!!


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