Do what you Love and Love what you do

I am trully Blessed to do what I love and love what I do... I not only get to paint and sell my work...but I get to work in a floral shop and play with flowers. I thought you would enjoy seeing some of the flowers we offer... and the work we do...

The shop I work at is right inside a big supermarket... you walk in and you step into our flower dept... a real nice way to begin that weekly routine of food shopping

I love helping the customers pick out their flowers, especially those that take them to people who are sick in the hospital... knowing that these flowers will make someone happy makes the job even better....

I really need to sit and paint a few of these... the photos have inspired me...
There is just nothing like a bouquet of flowers to say ... "you are special to me"
take some flowers to someone... and watch their faces light up..


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