Summer is Here

Summer is here....and Uncle Bill is back. It has been so long since I posted...I think the rules have my pictures are not in order...must find out how to do that from my experts in the family..... This is a sketch of a painting i want to do... have not done much painting.... sorry.
When Uncle Bill is around we do a lot of cooking...and have a lot of fun.... I even got to spend a night in his camper.... breakfast was delicious... Each night we come up with a different meal, and now we are picking from our own garden.... oh what joy....

Here is a picture of the two cooking experts... you can tell they really enjoy their craft

Uncle Bill keeps us laughing as he cooks up a dish... it is an event, we all get involved.

Here is a shot of Uncle Bill at his Indianapolis camp ground, and that's another story.

I will leave you with another idea for a painting... you can see I am enjoying the little yellow finches that have returned to the garden....
Have a great day in the sun .


Heather L. said…
Mom -- the sunflowers are GREAT!!! Keep them up!

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