This is Winter

Hey... How are you all doing?? Today we had a lovely snow fall and I got to stay home... and enjoy its beauty from the warm chair inside... Winter has its palette of beauty..... full of rich colors... textures .
The Sky is the big show... with its gorgeous colors at dusk.. or in the morning.. it is awesome... shades of purple, pink and deep grey blues... I always enjoy it's never ending colors.... the trees show their skeletons...there unique shapes.. and lovely lines... look at those giant oaks... and perfectly formed maples... Shadows on snow tend to be purpley blue, the birds and squirrels are so entertaining.

the textures of dried grasses against the white snow... The blue -purple tree lines and the Lacy dark branches against a pink sky.... it is all so different than summer....but don't miss it... it will make your winter more enjoyable if you look with an artist eye...

And hang in there... everyday gets us closer to Spring!!


Heather L. said…
Great final picture mom!!! Ha ha ha!!! Hey -- were you painting those winter scenes to become advent calendars???? (I hope so!)

I was so proud of Andrew this evening. As the sky darkened he came in the kitchen, looked out the window and said, "Everything's blue!" That's right! Gorgeous!

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