Mr. Buzz

I have been studying bumble bees, how to paint them, and discovered many different kinds. This dear little guy does a great deal for mankind.

The honey bee, and bumble bee is responsible for pollinating one third of all the food we eat!!! Just think ... if he and she were not around... what would happen to all those lovely plants that provide food???? you think about it. :)

when I sit in my garden I am so fascinated with the little bumble bee... so busy at his task... his little legs and body filled with pollen and around he goes... studying each flower and getting all he can..... here is my small effort to remember this tireless worker...Can you see him on the zinnia?? wish I had sound effects....but the zzzzzzzzzzzz sound of the bee is not made with his wings... it is made in his throat... it is his little voice...humming as he works.... love it!!!!!

I discovered that yellow and black are the danger colors in the insect world, and bumble bees have to be a certain temperature to fly, that is why they are covered with little fuzzy bodies that keep them warm on cold mornings.:)

It was fun to try and paint them on my flowers.... and learn more about the amazing world of bees... our friends.


Heather L. said…
Your bees are so beautiful and life-like! can't wait to come see your garden soon!
Just Me said…
Dee, a humming bird flew right up to Marty and I while we were outside on our deck talking about the sermon at church today. It was the first time I saw one up close. Absolutely beautiful and made me think of you!
Karen Winslow said…
Hey Dee, Your paintings always make me smile! Keep painting!! They are just wonderful! Love, Karen
Christina said…
Mom -- You bees are amazing! At first I thought they were photos of bees! Wow! YOu are good! It makes me so happy to see your paintings! Keep it up!

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