A Master of Wartercolor

On April 23, I had the most wonderful journey to see my most favorite watercolorists. All my life I have gazed at his pictures in books, but that magnificent day... I stood face to face with Winslow Homer , and his watercolors. It was awesome!
To study his brush strokes, his color choice and his amazing skill of design was such a wonderful learning experience. His color is still vibrant, his subjects so captivating. His techniques were fun to see up close.

This is one of my favorites and it gave me a whole new excitement about using opaques... the sun was so brilliant, you could just hear the birds singing... and feel the warm sun.... just look at his decorative work...
His Bahama watercolors were so blue and full of light... lots of pure color.
I really loved studying his water.... many brush strokes of many colors, just at the right spots.... I think his design work is so strong... he was trully a master of the principles....

If one wants to learn more about watercolor... studying Homer has got to be a must..... you will learn much!!! and enjoy it .

Life has been pretty busy since Chicago trip.... the best thing that has happened is Emily graduated!!!!! after 4yrs of amazing study...we celebrated... she is officially a college graduate!!!! Her last day we went out to lunch at her favorite place!!! Here she is... !!!!! Congratulation Emily!!!!

I am sorry folks for being so slow to post..... but I had some technical problems, and since I am an artist.... it can be a real problem.

now go and learn from Winslow Homer


Rachel L said…
Those paintings are breathtaking. The two girls is my favourite one too. I wish I could paint like that! Thanks for sharing.
Rachel from NZ
Heather L. said…
glad you are up and running again Mom!!!! Good for you. Homer's pictures are lovely!

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