Nesting Time

This weekend was spectacular for working outside and cleaning up the gardens. As I was enjoying this huge task , I noticed lots of birds very happy with what I turned up... worms, grasses and bugs. I was constantly entertained by their business
They were working hard also, finding mates and building nests. I noticed many birds with stuff hanging out of their peaks.... looking for that perfect site....

This all inspired me to look into their types of nests and color of eggs. I wanted to paint a few... so here is a few of my friends.... I am eager to build some nesting boxes so we can watch the process more closely....

These guys are not in my yard.... but was doing seagull studies this week, so I posted them in for variety :).....

Take some time and look out your windows.... a lot is happening in the bird world :)



Christina said…
You captured the contentment little birdies seem to have in the spring time as they take care of their nests. They are beautiful!
Heather L. said…
Love all the birdies!!! You need to do some "real" ones of these now! The sparrow with the urn is such a great idea!
Jay said…
Hi Laura,

This is Jay, Aunty Ruth & Uncle Artie's Godson.
I think of you and Billy so often and decided to google you and found your blog.

Your paintings are breathtaking, so full of life. I have several of your Mom's paintings in our home in Vermont and a wonderful illustration you did of a lion and gave me when I was a child now hangs in my youngest daughter's room.

I'm so, so happy to know that you are well and have continued to create your beautiful art.

I have lived in Vermont for many years and I know Vermont was your home at one time. Whenever I go to Burlington I think- Maybe I'll bump into Dee.

I would love to be in touch. My email is and my home phone number is 802.375.2448.

So happy to have seen your beautiful artwork and read your words.



P.S. My best to Billy.

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