I started this blog because I realized it was a great place to share what I have learned about watercolor, and the things I love about art. I hope it will be a place for you to stop by and pick up some new ideas and inspire you to pick up the brush...... it is a joy... watercolor works for you.

"The brush Is and extension of the hand, the hand is an extension of the arm and the arm is and extension of the heart, what is felt in the heart flows down the arm , the hand and the brush and so flows out onto the paper"..oriental Painting

paint from your heart :)


Heather L. said…
Hey mom! You did it!!! YEah!!!! Maybe you should call your blog "water works" :)
Karen Winslow said…
Hey Dee...That is a great quote. Keep painting with your heart, it is beautiful! Karen
Karen said…
I absolutely love this blog. And the quote is brilliant. That's a little how I feel about photography :) Love to you

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